Coach Christensen does not only provide you articles that will help you improve your health and lifestyle. We actually offer different services and programs that will help you have a better lifestyle and health awareness. We also make sure that these services would be convenient and easy for you to follow and maintain. After all, it is important that you stay committed to your regular body routine to improve health and to make sure that it is in a good condition.

Below are the choices designed to help you have a better lifestyle without putting hassle to your everyday plan. You may choose what is best for you!

Personal Training

We identify your initial measurements and figures. This is important so you could have a basis on your for your comparison.

We give you program design and we help you with your goal setting. This part will help you identify what you really need to improve on your health.

Ongoing assessment and program adjustment that will be based on the result of your initial comparison

Program flow of the weekly structured workouts you can do in a studio, gym or at home.

We give you tips and tricks on how will you customize your meal plans and eating habits. We also provide grocery list that will guide you to eating healthy.

We give quick and easy healthy recipes depending on the diet that you will follow

We can give you 24/7 health and lifestyle coaching support.

Nutritional Coaching

We help you set your weekly eating goals

We help you check your improvements weekly including the weight you lose

We give recipe hand-outs about the types of food you should eat depending on the prescribed diet to you

We give you program sheet of what diet you can develop to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle

We can track your progress by providing you a detailed chart and graph.