Daily Food Guidelines

While it is always fun to eat your favorite food, the imbalance eating habit is also detrimental to your health. The moment we start eating the wrong way is also the time when we start feeling something is wrong with our body. The unhealthy way of eating food brings different negative effects on your body. One of them is the unstoppable gaining of weight. People whose body size does not follow what is prescribed to them either eat too much or eat the amount their body cannot process. This would lead to further health problems that may impose danger to one’s life.

That is why it is important to be mindful of what you are eating. You have to make sure that you are consuming what your body can process so that they will not be restored as fats. You also have to make sure that your balance meal gives you all the minerals and vitamins you need. So get out of your steel garage door in Houston and shop for the following balanced foods!

The perfect way to measure a balanced diet is by checking what you consume based on the food pyramid. The food pyramid perfectly represents which food does your body need more and which are the ones you can completely take out of your food list.

The bottom part of the pyramid tells you to eat more bread, rice, cereals and from the pasta group. These foods are rich in health properties that you need to make yourself feel full much longer. With these foods, you don’t have to eat unnecessary foods that are even unhealthy for you. They are at the bottom of the pyramid because the food pyramid suggests you to eat more of them and more often.

Above this food groups are vegetables and fruits. They are the healthiest food in the pyramid. You can find different types of minerals and vitamins in this food group. You need them to supply your body with the nutrients you need. But of course, you have to consume proper amounts of fruits and vegetables. Starchy vegetables may cause digestive problems if you consume too much of them. Fruits are filled with fructose which can cause you to gain weight if you consume improper amounts.

After your vegetables and fruits are dairy products. These products can give you proper amounts of protein which you need to grow. Eat adequate amounts of egg, yogurt, cheese and milk. Also, consume proper amounts of fish, chicken, pork and beef. Eating too much of this food can definitely cause you to gain weight. Be mindful of the amount that you will consume. Make sure that your body can process them.

The smallest portion on top of your food pyramid is allotted to chocolates, sweets, ice cream, cakes and desserts. They are rich in sugar so you have to really watch out when you are consuming them. The less you eat these foods, the more you will become healthy.

This food pyramid is designed to help you balance your diet. Because as mentioned, you do not need to eat less, you just have to eat balanced food.