About Us

We believe that health is wealth. This may seem to be a common phrase used to refer to the importance of health but this is actually a statement giving value to life. We are referring to health not just only a part of life, but life itself. That is why it is very important for you to take good care of your body. You have to put health above anything else. It is also necessary for you to monitor what you need every day in order to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.
That is why Coach Christensen is here to help you!
Coach Christensen’s mission is to help people realize the importance of having a fit and healthy lifestyle. It is a common mistake for some to take their health for granted. People, especially young ones, tend to think that they are too young to worry about their health. This is something that is disturbing. If their mentality would be as worse as this, this will consume them until they realize that they have been practicing unhealthy lifestyle. It will then take a toll at them once they experience something wrong about their health.
This is what our website wants to help them avoid. We want our readers to be conscious with their health as young as possible. We don’t want them to blame themselves at the end, realizing that they could have done better for their health. We want them to think in an advance manner when it comes to their lifestyle.
Coach Christensen is here to provide information, healthy tips and trendy tricks to ensure that our readers will be in good shape. We aim to provide those articles, featured stories and suggestions that will suit their need to improve their lifestyle. We aim to become a reliable online source of everything they need to know about fitness and wellness.